Senin, 01 Juni 2015

DU Battery Saver Pro Apk Free Download

DU Battery Saver Pro Apk Free Download-Anda pengguna Ponsel Android, wajib menginstal aplikasi ini. DU Battery Saver Pro Apk. DU Battery Saver Pro Apk adalah aplikasi yang dapat anda gunakan untuk menghemat penggunaan daya baterai pada ponsel Android anda. Ok langsung saja di download aplikasinya, berikut fitur-fitur yang terdapat pada aplikasi DU Battery Saver Pro Apk.

Features Of DU Battery Saver Pro Apk:

Intelligent mode switching. Automatically switch smart battery saving modes based on your preferences
Battery level. Switch to any present mode when the battery power reaches a specific level
Time schedule. Switch to any smart battery saver mode based on the time of the day
Auto clear apps. Automatically shuts down battery power, draining apps that tun in the background
Set an auto clear schedule at any interval you choose
Protect important apps from auto clearing by adding them to the Ignored apps list
Clear unnecessary background power consumptive apps on screen lock
Fast battery saver. Instantly find and solve battery problems with the optimize button

DU Battery Saver Pro Apk Free Download Download

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